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Clash of Clans MOD APK Download V14.635.9 | Unlimited Resources/TH 14 Update

Clash of Clans MOD APK is also known as COC MOD APK, the ultimate Clash of Clans Private Server. Now play your favourite Clash of Clans game with everything unlimited & enjoy complete freedom in COC MOD APK 2022 TH 14 New Update. So if you are interested in playing the Clash of Clans with Unlimited Gems, Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir and other exciting things, you should check out the following article of COC Mod Apk.

Clash of Clans mod apk

Want to play Clash of Clans with Unlimited Money, Gems, Gold and Elixir? Want to boost your Townhall to the max level? Or want to max your Clash of Clans base in just a minute? If yes, then look no further. We are providing you with the best COC Private Servers available on the internet which are 100% Free to play and ad-free! Click on the direct Download button to choose your favourite Clash of Clans Private Server.

Download Clash of Clans MOD APK (TH14)

You can download Clash of Clans MOD APK TH14 Update by clicking the download button below. We are also providing other popular COC Private Server. You can also check them out.

Download Other Clash of Clans Servers (Latest Updated) Official

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Clash of Clans MOD APK Main Features

COC MOD APK has some core features which remain the same for all the upcoming updates. These changes are essential for anyone who want to play Clash of Clans to the fullest. No matter how many new things are added to the Clash of Clans MOD APK, these features will always remain the same in All COC Private servers.

Unlimited Gems

Unlimited Gold and Gems

Gems play a vital role in COC. Without Gems, you can’t speed up anything in your base. Everything, literally everything can be instantly upgraded with the help of gems. But at the same time Gems are not free, they need to be purchased from the in-game shop for real money. Those who can’t afford to buy gems will have to struggle their way up building their base. And we all know the pain of waiting for days or even weeks to finish upgrading our troops, defences and other buildings. If you don’t have gems you will have to spend a year or two to reach the Town Hall 14 Max base.

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Every COC MOD APK player has a dream one time in his life to get Unlimited 99999999 Gems in Clash of Clans. Well, you don’t have to worry about it now. That day isn’t that far away. because we are providing you with the direct download link for the best Clash of Clans Private server with TH14 for Free! Download now! All you have to do is to click on the download button above, that’s it.

Unlimited Gold

Gold is also one of the important resources in Clash of Clans. Without Gold, you can’t upgrade your defences and most importantly Town Hall. So it becomes as important as anything else.

But with the help of Clash of Clans MOD APK, you can get Unlimited Gold for Free. You can choose any COC Private Servers you want and start playing with 9999999 Gold in Clash of Clans!

Unlimited Elixir and Dark Elixir

Clash of Clans Private Servers also offers you unlimited Elixir and Dark Elixir. We all know, no troops can be created, upgraded without the Elixir. Even upgrading camps, laboratories require Elixir.

Talking about Dark Elixir, it is one of the rarest material found in the Clash universe. That’s why it is always stored in the heart of the village. Dark elixir is also used for creating Dark elixir troops which are unique powerful and help you win battles in multiple ways.

Now imagine getting Unlimited Dark Elixir for free in COC. No need to spend real money on the game, just download Clash of Clans private servers and start enjoying!

What is Clash of Clans Private Server?

Clash of Clans Private Servers are nothing but the Clash of Clans game but with unlimited resources like Gems, Gold and other in-game items. Private Servers as the name suggests are hosted separately for the sole purpose of letting users play the game with full freedom. The Private servers run on separate servers and offer everything unlimited and come with everything unlocked.

In the short, there are no restrictions on private servers. You can have unlimited money, can upgrade anything in the game instantly for Free. Everyone who loves to play COC should definitely play Clash of Clans Hack APK.

How to Get Unlimited Gems, Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir for Free in Clash of Clans?

can we get unlimited resources in coc

There is only one way to get unlimited resource in COC and that is Private servers. They are far ahead in the features compared to the Original Clash of Clans. Just download any of the listed private servers provided above and start playing with everything unlimited!

Can we Hack Clash of Clans?

can we hack coc

No, you can’t hack Clash of Clans. But you can Download and Play COC Private Servers which are Free, Ad-Free and offer unlimited resources. Since Clash of Clans is a server-sided game, it is impossible for someone to hack into and change the value of the resources. Server sided games are highly secured and encrypted and can’t be accessed by anyone. Your data including resource values like Gems, Gold, etc are synced with the servers and are monitored every moment.

That’s why we recommend you to download and play Private servers AKA Clash of Clans MOD APK for free which is an excellent alternative to the Clash of Clans base game!

What’s New in Clash of Clans MOD APK? (Private Servers)

what's new coc mod apk

Whenever the official Clash of Clans base game is updated, we try to make sure to bring everything to the Clash of Clans MOD APK as soon as we can. We try to ensure if the game is balanced or not and the game is working properly as it should be. So you can always rely on us for the latest versions of COC Private servers!

Clash of Clans TH14 Update Features

coc mod apk th14 update

Clash of Clans got its major update in the April of 2021 named as TH14 update. This is a massive update with balance changes, new defence levels, new hero levels, new troop levels and yes the most awaited Hero Pets! We will try to highlight as many changes as we can in short just to give you can overall idea of the TH14 update.

Added the All New Town Hall 14

Storage Capacity
Storage Capacity
Storage Capacity
(Dark Elixir)
Hit Points
20 Days16M Gold2M Gold2M Elixir20K Dark Elixir8900

Town Hall 14 Giga Inferno

Get your village a new Town Hall that unlocks a whole new array of features.

Town Hall 14 Giga Inferno

Added Hero Pets

Hero Pets are a newly introduced unit in the Clash of Clans. But these pets are only unlocked after updating your Town Hall to Level 14. After updating your TH, you will get a new building called Pet House where can upgrade and manage your pets!

Hero Pets

Upgrade your Pet House to unlock these all new special type of Pets.

Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4
L.A.S.S.IElectro OwlMighty YakUnicorn

It all depends on your strategy. Hero Pets can be assigned to any of your Heroes giving you the ability to try out new strategies. For example, you can pair L.A.S.S.I with any of your heroes, this will help to clear the enemy buildings around the Heroes by jumping over the walls. Or maybe you want to assist your heroes in clearing the target, use Electro Owl.

New Things Added to COC MOD APK Town Hall 14 Update

Here are the things that you will get after updating to Town Hall 14.

New Buildings and Storage Levels
  • Level 4 Builder’s Hut
  • Level 12 Laboratory
  • Level 10 Clan Castle
  • Level 15 Gold Storage
  • Level 15 Elixir Storage
  • Level 9 Dark Elixir Storage

New Defense Levels
  • Barbarian King Level 80 with Iron Fist Level 16
  • Archer Queen Level 80 with Royal Cloak Level 16
  • Grand Warden Level 55 with Eternal Tome + Life Aura Level 11
  • Royal Champion Level 30 with Seeking Shield Level 6

New Troop Levels
  • Level 10 Barbarian (Super Barbarian level 10)
  • Level 10 Archer (Super Archer level 10)
  • Level 10 Wall Breaker (Super Wall Breaker level 10)
  • Level 7 Healer
  • Level 8 Baby Dragon (Inferno Dragon level 8)
  • Level 10 Minion (Super Minion level 10)
  • Level 9 Valkyrie (Super Valkyrie level 9)
  • Level 6 Ice Golem

Defensive Builder Huts

Defensive Builder huts

Builder huts are no more just a building that lies around your village. They are more than that now! After years of just being a tiny building that contributes nothing in defending the village, it’s high time now to fight against the intruders!

Here is how Builder Huts will work

RangeDamage TypeTargetsFavourite Target
6 TilesSingle TargetGround & AirAny

Builder Battles

Though Builders are not going to hide inside the hut, it doesn’t mean they are going to attack enemy troops directly. Instead, they will help repair the defence buildings of our bases. So, indirectly they are contributing to the fight.

Another thing to keep in mind that, Builders will start repairing Defence buildings only after Builder Huts are destroyed. Also, since the Builder Huts are now defensive, they are attracted by the enemy troops.

Starter Challenges

Starter Challenges are a great way to speed up progress for low-level Town Hall players. This will help players with TH 2 to 6 bases speed up quickly. But again they have to complete the challenges in time. Completing challenges open a new way to more exciting and high rewarding challenges. So make sure you don’t miss them out!

Recruitment Tool Improvements

These changes help players recruit other players from Find New Member button. These changes will make overall recruitment experience better and less time consuming. Also, players can now easily manage members and see all related information in an easy manner.

New Achievements Added

If you are grinding hard in COC and already accomplished every single achievements in the game, then hold on. We have got some more achievements for you to complete. You get rewards for completing the achievements so make sure you check them out!

Here are the new achievements added

  • Not So Easy This Time– Destroy weaponized town halls in multiplayer battles.
  • Siege Sharer– Donate your friends Siege Machines.
  • Superb Work– Boost your Super Troops
  • Bust This!– Destroy enemy base weaponized builder huts in multiplayer matches.

Other Important Game changes and Balancing

COC has a massive player base across the globe. Millions of people play Clash of Clans daily. And there are 14 Town Hall each being unique in terms of troop capacity, damage dealing abilities, defense abilities and hero levels. Managing and balancing game is extremely important to keep the gameplay experience same for everyone. No matter if you are on TH1 or TH14. That’s why developers need to constantly update the game, bring new features, balance the damage capacity and hitpoints. There are other things like upgrade cost, troop cost and whatnot.

Apart from that, developers also fix bugs, improve user experience of the game, keep the app as small as possible and test the app before it is served to millions of players worldwide.

Custom Commands

Custom Command are nothing but a small keyword with the help of it, you can do certain things in Clash of Clans Private servers. Note that Custom Commands only work in the private servers and not in the official version of COC.

Here are some Custom Commands that you can use in Clash of Clans MOD APK

Custom Commands

/Clean– To reset your account

/Full– Upgrade everything in your base to the max level Defenses, Troops, Laboratories and Heroes!

/th<level>– Use this command and put the desired level you want to upgrade.

/asp– This command will let you imitate an attack on your own village. It is great for designing your base for war

/cct– This will remove everything you have from your troops, spells and other things!


So that’s what we have got today for Clash of Clans MOD APK. It truly gives you everything you want in COC without spending a single penny. We believe that you would have never experienced something like this before. All the things you get on Clash of Clans Private servers like Gold, Elixir, Gems, Dark Elixir and other exciting things are for free. COC MOD APK is a 100% safe APK and is downloaded on all Android devices. So, What are you waiting for, just click the download button and start enjoying Clash of Clans Private Servers with unlimited everything. Let’s know what do like the most about COC MOD APK in the comment section below. Also, let us know if you have any doubts or issues regarding the Clash of Clans MOD Version.

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