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Clash Of Magic APK Download (Official) Unlimited Gems & Gold

If you are looking for the Clash of Magic latest version with TH14 update, then you are in the right place. Clash of Magic is one of the oldest private servers that comes with many cool features. If you want to play Clash of Clans with everything unlimited, then you should check out Clash of Magic for Android. Download the most popular COC Private Server called Clash of Magic with 100% uptime and completely free.

clash of magic apk 2021

We all know that Clash of Clans is an epic strategy game where you have to build your village, create powerful defences, participate in clan wars and complete exciting challenges. It’s really a great game to play even after the years of release. And With every new update, the game gets better and better. But there is something else that is even better than the original COC and that’s Clash of Magic Private Server for Android. Continue reading below to know more about Clash of Magic APK.

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What is Clash of Magic? and How to Download Clash of Magic?

Clash of Magic

Clash of Magic is a Clash of Clans Private Server. A private Server is nothing but a custom service where you are not bound to limitation. You get complete freedom in Private servers. For example, Clash of Magic started its journey back in 2015 and since then It is one of the most reliable private servers for COC. You get all the exclusive features like Unlimited Gems, Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir. Plus Clash of Magic is 100% secure and free to download. So What are you waiting for, Download the Clash of Magic now and enjoy its awesome features?

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Clash of Magic S1 Unique Features

Clash of Magic S1 is heavily modded COC Private Server. This server offers some of the most advanced and exciting features. We hope you you will enjoy it for sure!

  • Everything Unlimited Plus
  • Buy Everything for 1 Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir
  • Build all and upgrade all buildings instantly
  • Upgraded Air Sweepers with 360°
  • Added Builder village heroes to the main village and vice versa
  • Remove all obstacles from the village

Clash of Magic S2 Unique Features

This version is simple and is not modded heavily like S1 and S3. It is not modded with any extra features. It is for those who want to have a minimalistic and simple version of Clash of Clans. But you get Unlimited resources and Common features of all Clash of Magic Servers mentioned above.

Clash of Magic S3 Unique Features

This mod is also highly modded like S1 but with some more cool features.

  • Everything Unlimited Plus
  • Added Builder Troops as Normal Troops
  • Seasonal Troops
  • Builder Troops
  • Villager Troops
  • All Goblins maps unlocked
  • All Town Halls are decorated

Clash of Magic S4 Unique Features

This version is simple and is not modded heavily like S1 and S3. It is not modded with any extra features. It is for those who want to have a minimalistic and simple version of Clash of Clans. But you get Unlimited resources and Common features of all Clash of Magic Servers mentioned above.

Clash of Magic All Servers Core Features

Get all these things for Free in COC
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Elixir
  • Unlimited Dark Elixir
  • Custom Commands
  • Ability to Attack with Unlimited number of Troops
  • Attack on your own base
  • Instant upgrade to Town Hall 14 in a minute
  • And much much more!

Which is the Best Clash of Magic Private Server?

which is best clash of magic private server

Clash of Magic has 4 different servers. They are basically named Clash of Magic S1, Clash of Magic S2, Clash of Magic S3 & Clash of Magic S4.

All these servers are different and are customized to let you pick choose what you want. Also, It is always better to divide 1 big server into 4 different servers to reduce the load on a single server.

So if want to play Clash of Magic, check the version like S1, S2, S3 and S4 and see what features each server is offering.

Each Clash of Magic Server offers some unique set of features. All servers have 100% uptime and are constantly optimized to give you top-notch performance.

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Clash of Magic S1, S2, S3 & S4 Servers Common Features

Also Check Out
  • Unlock Gold Pass
  • Unlock Heroes’ Skins
  • Get Free Trophies (>3000)
  • Reset Base Command (>1000)
  • Attack Generated Base
  • Maximize My Village
  • Remove All Obstacles
  • Maximize Troop/Spell Levels
  • Reset Troop/Spell Levels
  • Reset Hero Levels
  • Add Gems
  • Maximize Resources
  • Remove Resources
  • Add Magic Items
  • Remove Magic Items
  • Add Medals
  • Unlock Super Troops
  • Disable Super Troops
  • Unlock Sceneries

What’s New in Clash of Magic APK (COC Private Server)

What's New in Clash of Magic APK

Clash of Magic is one of the oldest private servers for COC. The developers of Clash of Magic do their best to provide us with the best Clash of Clans experience we can get. Every time the original Clash of Clans is updated, developers work hard to bring everything that’s included in the base game to the Clash of Magic private server. This takes time and hours of work. It is also important to balance the game according to the new update. The Clash of Magic Private servers also need to be kept running 24/7 to deliver you a seamless gaming experience.

Here are the new things that are recently added to the Clash of Magic APK (Private Server)

Clash of Magic Town Hall 14 Update

Town-Hall-14-Update clash of magic

TH 14 update is recently added to the game with the game that comes with many exciting features. This update also fixes bugs, improves in game performance and aims to balance the game.

It took only few days for the developers to make TH14 available to you in your favourite Clash of Magic Private Server.

  • Added brand new Town Hall 14 with dozens of new cool upgrades.
  • Town Hall 14 Unlocks new wall pieces, bombs, air bombs, skeleton trap, giant bomb and pet house.
  • Added new level of defences, buildings and traps like builder’s hut, storage buildings, bomb tower, eagle artillery, bomb tower, inferno tower, etc.
  • Added new hero levels for Barbarian King, Archer King, Grand Warden and Royal Champion.
  • Added new troop level for the healer, archer, baby dragon, minion, valkyrie, ice golem and more!
  • Added new spell levels for Clone and Poison.
  • Increased maximum holding capacity for all storages such as resource buildings, treasury and loot cart.
  • Added Hero Pets- L.A.S.S.I, Electro Owl, Mighty Yak & Unicorn!
  • Added builder’s hut with builders that will help in the battle.
  • Added starter challenges
  • New achievements added
  • Few UI changes and bug fixes
  • Various balance changes to make COC fair and fun to play for everyone.

What’s the difference between Clash of Magic and Original Clash of Clans?

Clash of Magic is a great alternative to the base COC Game. If you have been playing the Clash of Clans game and tired of the same things again and again, then you should check out Clash of Magic APK. Clash of Magic server completely redesigns the game and gives you total freedom to play the game the way you want. In Clash of Magic for Android, you get unlimited resources, an Unlimited number of troops, etc. You can also upgrade your Town Hall to Max 14 in just a minute!

what difference between clash of clans and clash of magic

On the other hand, the original Clash of Clans takes a lot of time to progress through the game. We all have been there and know how frustrating it is to wait for weeks to finish the upgrades. Another thing that COC players don’t really like is that, there is a limited number of builders available for free. At the start, you just get 2 builders to build your village for free. While the other three, you need to purchase them using Gems.

So, either you have to show some dedication towards the game and spend a lot of time building your village. Or if you prefer the easiest way, you can purchase the gems for real money and upgrade your village to the max level. But both of these things don’t make sense for some Clash of Clans players like you and us. Everyone can’t afford to buy gems and no one wants to wait for years to max out their COC Bases. So for people like you, we have got the best alternative for the original Clash of Clans called Clash of Magic APK.

Clash of Magic Mods

In Clash of Magic Private Servers, you get various types of mods that will give you experience like never before. Apart from Unlimited resources, you get additional features that are not present in other private servers. Clash of Magic APK is constantly updated to give you advanced features with every update with the help of mods!

Which Android Version supports Clash of Magic APK?

Clash of Magic APK is supported on all Android devices running Android 4.0 and up. You can now also run Clash of Magic on PC using BlueStacks.


Clash of Magic APK are hosted on powerful servers that have 100% uptime. The servers are up and running always even during maintainance period, unlike the original Clash of Clans game!


Clash of Magic APK is one of the most popular private servers for Clash of Clans. If you love to play game with unlimited resources and extra mods, then you should definitely check Clash of Magic. It has 4 servers, each one created with unique features of its own. Another good thing about Clash of Magic Private servers is that they are free to download and play and provide the latest Clash of Clans updates. You get complete freedom in Clash of Magic, its upto you what you want to do. So, Download Clash of Magic Latest APK for Android and enjoy all incredible features for free.

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