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Clash of Souls APK 14.635.9 Download- (Official) | Best COC Private Server

Clash of Souls is another great COC Private Server with Unlimited Resources. If you are looking for the best Clash of Clans Private Server, then you should download and have a look at Clash of Souls Private Server. We all know the Clash of Clans game. It is fun to play and chances are almost everyone has played it.

It has millions of downloads on the Google Play Store. It is really a great game that everyone enjoys playing. But still, there are some things that lack in Clash of Clans, that’s why we have brought you the best COC Server called Clash of Souls with Unlimited Gold, Gems and other resources. Continue reading to know more about it!

download clash of souls for android

Ever dreamt of playing Clash of Clans with unlimited resources? Want to max out your Town Hall in minutes? Purchase everything from the shop without spending a single penny from your pocket? If the answer is Yes, then you are in the right place. Today we will discuss Clash of Souls Private Server, how you can download it and how you can play it. We will also tell you how to play COC with some more advanced features and cool things that you would love to play. So without wasting any further time, let’s begin.

Download Clash of Souls for Android 2022

Clash of Souls icon

Download Clash of Souls

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Clash of Souls is 100% Free to download and safe to play on any Android devices running Android version 4.0 and above. To download Clash of Souls, first of all, click on the download button below. After that, you will be taken to the download page. Now here select the version you want and Clash of Souls APK will be downloaded on your Android smartphone. Now install the app as you usually do and enjoy the awesome features of Clash of Souls!

Clash of Souls Features

clash of souls features

Clash of Souls APK has some of the most exciting things you could ever imagine only. These features are only available in Clash of Souls since it is a private server, you can play the COC, the way you want.

Clash of Souls Features
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Elixir
  • Unlimited Dark Elixir
  • Unlocked everything from the Shop
  • Max Town Hall in one minute
  • Stable, fast and powerful servers
  • 100% uptime
  • Create Clans & Add your Friends
  • Custom Buildings, Troops & Heroes

Clash of Souls APK TH 14 Update

Town-Hall-14-Update clash of magic

Town Hall 14 was a recent big Clash of Clans update by Supercell that introduces many new changes. This update’s main attraction is the Town Hall 14—The most awaited and exciting TH update yet. It adds a new special type of troop that can be paired with the Heroes in the battle. Few balance changes, quality of life and game UI improvements. Town Hall 14 also comes with new Levels of Troops and Heroes along with the 2 new spell Levels for TH14.

Here are some of the highlights of Town Hall 14 Update

Clash of Souls- Town Hall 14 Update

Yes, Town Hall 14 is now officially here. It comes with a Giga Inferno that can be update to level 5.

Town Hall 14 Update Unlocks
  • 25x new Wall pieces
  • 1x Air Bomb
  • 1x Seeking Air Mine
  • 1x Skeleton Trap
  • 1x Bomb
  • 1x Giant Bomb
  • 1x Pet House

Clash of Souls- New Level of Defenses and other Buildings

Town Hall 14 New Levels
  • Level 4 Builder’s Hut
  • Level 12 Laboratory
  • Level 10 Clan Castle
  • Level 15 Gold Storage
  • Level 15 Elixir Storage
  • Level 9 Dark Elixir Storage
  • Level 20 Cannon
  • Level 13 Hidden Tesla
  • Level 9 Bomb Tower
  • Level 8 Inferno Tower
  • Level 5 Eagle Artillery
  • Level 3 Scattershot
  • Level 10 Bomb
  • Level 15 Wall

Introducing New Hero Pets with Brand New Pet House in Clash of Souls APK

Hero Pets
Hero Pets

Upgrade your Pet House to Unlock

  • L.A.S.S.I at Level 1
  • Electro Owl at Level 2 
  • Mighty Yak at Level 3
  • Unicorn at Level 4

Other Town Hall 14 Update Changes in Clash of Souls APK

Town Hall 14 also comes with some other important changes on the board. These include gameplay improvements, UI changes, Bug fixes, layout editor changes, donation system improvements, recruitment system change and much more.

What is Clash of Souls APK?

Clash of Souls is one of the most reliable and powerful COC servers. It offers some great features that Official Clash of Clans doesn’t have. For example, If we have to speed up the game, we need to spend real money to buy gems. Some things in the shop can only be brought with the Gems. And as we all know Gems are one of the rarest things in COC.

Now imagine, you get an unlimited number of Gems in your account for Free. Isn’t that a cool thing, right? With Clash of Souls for Android, you get unlimited resources like Gems for Free. Not only this, there are some more powerful and awesome features that are only available in the Clash of Souls. Check them out below.

You get Unlimited resources like Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir and most importantly Gems as shown in the image below.

Similarly, we have to strive for collecting Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir. These resources are important if you want to build your village and advance in the game. But you can’t get them in large quantity without playing hundreds of hours. That’s why most of the player give up or either stop playing Clash of Clans. But don’t worry! Now you don’t need to wait for weeks to upgrade your base. All you need to do is to download Clash of Souls APK and start enjoying its awesome features.

What is A Private Server?

clash of souls private server

A private Server is nothing but a server hosted by some third party people. These private servers as the name suggests can be used for almost any purpose. The owner of the server can customize it, change the in-game elements, do whatever he can. But the base files will be the same. For example, all the game items, troops, buildings, in-game elements from COC will remain the same. But developers can customize the value of the resources, make changes in the gameplay. The sky is the limit.

Which Clash of Clans Private Server is best?

best coc private server

There are many private servers like Clash of Magic, Nulls Clash, Clash of Lights. All the servers offer more or less the same things. Such private servers are awesome if you want to try something new. The most common things are that you get are unlimited resources. Apart from that, you also get some unique features in some COC Private Servers. Just like that Clash of Souls is also a private/ custom server developed for Android by third-party developers. You can download it by clicking the download button above.


Can I Play Clash of Souls on iPhone or iPad?

Unfortunately, you can’t play any Clash of Clans Private servers on iOS. This is because iOS doesn’t support the installation of third-party app on the iPhone or iPad. But if the Clash of Souls become available in future, we will be the first to provide you with the app at the earliest.


So this was all about Clash of Souls Private Server. It is truly a whole new experience to be able to play with no restrictions. We hope you liked the Clash of Souls APK for Android, if you really did, click on the download button and start playing the best COC Private server available right now. We will provide future updates of Clash of Souls APK 2022 for Android. If you are interested in trying other Clash of Clans Private servers, then check out Clash of Magic, Nulls Clash and Clash of Lights. They are all great as well. So, that’s it for today. Stay tuned for future updates and more exciting COC stuff.

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