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Download ReBrawl 45.198 (Official Server) – Brawl Stars Private Server

ReBrawl is the most popular Brawl Stars Private Server. If you are looking for the best private server of Brawl Stars, you should definitely download reBrawl APK for Android. reBrawl packs some of the best features that you will love to play. The official Brawl Stars is a great multiplayer game, but the reBrawl adds even more features with unlimited resources. So if you are interested, then follow the article. We will provide you with the latest reBrawl Private Server with best in class performance and 100% uptime. So let’s get started.

download rebaawl private server

Tired of playing regular Brawl Stars with normal brawlers? Want to try out something great? Want to use powerful Brawlers? Want cool skins for Free? If the answer is Yes, then you have landed in the right place. We are going to give you an overview of reBrawl Private server, instruction to download it and we will also tell you how to play it.

Download reBrawl Private Server

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Before downloading the reBrawl Private Server, note that we are providing you with 100% safe APK like clash of clans. Also all files we upload on our server will always be free. We will also make sure you get the latest version from our site. So always be free to download games and mods from our site.

Here are the 3 main servers of reBrawl – reBrawl Classic, reBrawl Mods and reBrawl Legacy.

Download reBrawl Classic

Download reBrawl Mods

Download reBrawl Legacy

What is reBrawl?

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rebRawl is a private server for the game Brawl Stars. This private server allows users to play the game with some extra features. These features are otherwise impossible to access or play in the official Brawl Stars game. This is because of the fact that we need to purchase things from the shop by paying actual money. Which is not possible for everyone. That’s why to take full advantage of the features, one must download and play reBrawl mod version.

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Who Created reBrawl Private Servers?

reBrawl private server is created, managed by a small group of developers who love to play Brawl Stars. They love to do experiments and they love to add new things to the official game. But also keep in mind that reBrawl is not endorsed, sponsored or connected in any way to the Brawl Stars. reBrawl Mod runs on a private server while the official version is maintained by Supercell.

reBrawl Features

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reBrawl is the most popular Brawl Stars private server. reBrawl Mod APK gives you everything you have ever wanted. Things like unlimited resources, all premium brawlers and the awesome skins are included in reBrawl.

There are currently 3 Server available to play. Each server has its own features.

Here is the list of common features of all 3 reBrawl Mod versions.

Common Features of All reBrawl Servers

100% Free to Download and Play

Stable and Reliable servers

Safe to download and Play

High-performance server

Faster loading Speeds

Unlimited Resources

reBrawl Server #1- reBrawl Classic

reBrawl Classic as the name suggests is the classic one. It has Unlimited resources but it is not heavily modded. It is perfect for testing out new things added to the game. Almost everything is kept same with minor changes in the reBrawl Private server.


reBrawl Classic

Simple private server but with some tweaks

Unlimited Resources- Unlimited Coins, Gems and Boxes

All Original Brawlers Available

Get Maxed Brawlers once Unlocked

Play on Custom Maps

All Original Game Maps Available

reBrawl Server #2- reBrawl Mods

ReBrawl Mods as the name suggests is the highly modded private server for the Brawl Stars. All the existing Brawlers are not replaced with more exciting and crazy Brawlers. It will feel like you are playing a completely new game. Everything is changed and customized on this server. And as always, you will get unlimited resources, boxes, pins, skins and more!


reBrawl Mods

All Existing Brawlers are replaced with new custom Brawlers

All Brawlers have enabled Super Saiyan Mode

Increased Brawler character size

Dozens of New Cool Skins- Honeycomb Darryl, Blyat Shelly, Mario Racer Carl & Others

Fly over Water

Increased Hit Points, Damage, Movement speed

Reduce auto-attack cooldown

Added 4 Robots of the Apocalypse

Added New Cool Custom Maps

reBrawl Server #3- reBrawl Legacy

If you are facing issues with the first two servers, then reBrawl Legacy is a great alternative to go for. This version is adopted to run on devices running on older Android versions. So if you use Android 4.0 or 5.0, you can still play Null’s private server by installing Legacy reBrawl on your device.

reBrawl Legacy Features

reBrawl Legacy

Most Compatible reBrawl Private Server

Can Run on Older Versions

Unlimited Resources

New Brawlers Unlocked

All Skins Unlocked


Can I Play both the reBrawl Mod Version and the official Brawl Stars game together?

Yes. since reBrawl is a private server, it is a whole new app with a private server. Both versions will be different hence the APK file will be different. So, you will not have any issues while keeping both the official and the reBrawl private server game installed on your phone.

Do I need to pay money to play with Unlimited Resources?

No, not at all. You don’t need to pay money for playing these private servers with unlimited resources. All these servers are free to download and play. As mentioned before, the reBrawl Private Servers are not endorsed, supported or managed by Supercell. A small group of Brawl Stars fans created reBrawl servers so that everyone can enjoy the game with true freedom.

How to Install reBrawl Private Servers?

To download the reBrawl Private server, all you have to do is to visit our site. Since reBrawl is hosted on private servers, it is not available on Google Play Store. You can visit our site and easily download the game by clicking the download button above.

Where to get the latest reBrawl Version?

ReBrawl Mod APK for Android is updated whenever the new update of the official version is released. We will try our best to provide you with the latest private servers for reBrawl. So bookmark our site and never miss any update of your favourite reBrawl Mod server.


So that’s everything you needed to know about ReBrawl Private Server. It is indeed one of the most popular Brawl Stars private server along with Null’s Brawl. ReBrawl offers you some great features that you can’t find anywhere else. So if you love playing Brawl Stars, then you should definitely have a look at this one. It is really worth checking out. Apart from the Brawl Stars, we have got Clash of Clans and Clash of Royale Private Servers as well. So you can check out those as well if you are interested. Also, let us know what do you think about the reBrawl Private Server and how was your experience with it so far. Till then have fun! Keep playing and stay safe!

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